Session 2015: Some Success, More Work to Do


Many CCF priorities made it through are on their way to becoming law, but others languished or await a final decision on the budget. Now is the time to contact budget conferees, and ask them to make sure the social safety net is protected with reliable revenues.

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An Open Letter to Senators Hill, Fain, and Litzow


There are still too many zeros for kids in the Washington Senate budget v2.0. Children’s Campaign Fund implores the senate to close tax exemptions that are deemed ineffective by audit analysis to provide additional funds to support children welfare services that are presently left unfunded in the proposed senate budget. Senator Hill’s sponsored SMART act […]

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Raise Your Voice for Kids

We have a responsibility to our children to fully fund education without defunding the safety net for our most vulnerable neighbors. Supporters of the Children’s Campaign Fund: We are calling on you to take another step in advocacy for the children of Washington. Write a letter to the editor of your hometown newspaper! Make your […]

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