Legislative Priorities 2014



Juvenile Justice

Youth Opportunities Act – HB1651
Passed House and Senate Unanimously


Opportunity for Underserved Youth

Dream Act/Real Hope Act – HB 1817 and SB6523
Pass the Senate (35-10), Passed House (75-22)

Legal Representation for Foster Youth – SB 6126
Passed both houses Unanimously

Extended Foster Care – SB 6101 and HB 2335
Being considered in the budget

Early Learning and Childcare for Children in Child Welfare – HB 2519
Passed House 90-8: Passed the Senate 46-2


Improving Learning Opportunities

Expanded Learning Opportunities (extended school year for targeted schools) -SB 6163
Passed the Senate (47-2): Included language from SB 6209: In House Education committee, proposal to include amendments from HB 2317

Create Expanded Learning Council – SB 6209
Merged with SB 6163, Passed the Senate (47-2)

Expanded Leaning Opportunities During Out of School Time – HB 2317
In the House committee on Education – additional amendments from the original HB 2317 being negotiated to be added to SB 6163

Homeless Children Education Act – SB 6074 and HB 2373
Passed Senate (48-0): Passed the House 90-6
Passed House (92-4): In Senate Early Learning K-12 committee