Early Endorsements 2014


Children’s Campaign Fund early endorsements for Washington 2014 elections.

Children’s Campaign Fund, CCF, was established in 1990 to offer a non-partisan, collective voice and means for the people of Washington state to elect law makers who protect and advance children’s rights issues.

“We want to fill legislature with leaders who provide a strong voice for all Washington’s children and we firmly believe that re-electing these legislators would be a big win for kids,” said Rene Murry, CCF chair of the board.

Maureen Walsh, House Pos. 1, 16th
Monica Stonier, House Pos. 1, 17th
Larry Seaquist, House Pos. 2, 26th
Nathan Schlicher, House Pos. 1, 26th
Kathy Haigh, House Pos. 1, 35th
Roger Goodman, House Pos. 1, 45th

“The Children’s Campaign Fund is targeting competitive races where we see leaders who will go the extra mile for kids. We know a loss would mean a reverse in progress we cannot afford,” says Mercedes Elizalde, CCF Endorsement Committee member.