Board of Directors

Children’s Campaign Fund is a volunteer effort, run by an active board of directors who are advocates for children from across the state of Washington. The board and volunteers are committed to:

  • Raising and contributing funds
  • Evaluating and endorsing candidates
  • Promoting endorsed candidates
  • Encouraging volunteers to campaign for Fund-endorsed candidates
  • Making children a voting issue and a political priority

A chair, vice chair and steering committee lead the Children’s Campaign Fund.

Work is accomplished through four committees: Endorsement, Fund Development, Public Relations, and Membership and Board Development.

By-laws govern the organization, which is registered with the Office of the Secretary of State and the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC). CCF’s Treasurer handles all PDC filings.

Randi Abrams-Caras & Andrew Clark


Rene T. Murry

Pauline Amell Nash

David Beard

Melissa Bailey

Joe Cunningham

Mary Lou Dickerson

Paul Elliott

Nick Frederici

Marty Jacobs

Jessica D. Puckett

Susan A. Weiss