2016- 2017 Champions for Children


Meet the 2016- 2017 Children’s Campaign Fund Endorsed Candidates

Children’s Campaign Fund prioritized support for 2016-2017 Washington state legislative candidates who are committed to supporting programs that benefit children and families and to identifying revenue sources to fund the McCleary mandate that will not jeopardize vital services for at-risk children and families in our state.

In cities and counties across our economically prosperous state, we have families facing food and housing insecurity. Services that saw cuts during the 2008 recession, such as TANF, state food assistance, foster care, programs for families experiencing homelessness, continue to be unfunded or underfunded by the state budget.

CCF’s priority is to support the whole child so that our youth are able to reach their full potential. This requires a cradle-to-career perspective, fully funding public education and supporting the community safety nets that help meet the basic needs of children and families.

The CCF Board of Directors is proud of our 2016-2017 Champions for Children. We stand behind these candidates who promise to sponsor legislation and policy that will raise children and families out of poverty.

Children’s Campaign Fund is proud to endorse:

Sen. Andy Billig (Senate 3rd District),  Rep. Roger Goodman (House 45th District), Rep. Ruth Kagi (House 32nd District), Rep. Christine Kilduff (House 28th District), Rep. John Lovick (House 44th District),  Nicole Macri (House 43rd District), Rep. Timm Ormsby (House 3rd District), Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self (House 21st District), Rep. Tana Senn (House 41st District), Rep. Pat Sullivan (House 47th District) and Rep. Maureen Walsh (Senate 16th District).

CCF is a nonpartisan political action committee, organized around the belief that children’s safety and wellbeing should not be tethered to party lines. All members of the state legislature must come together to fully fund public education while at the same time fund the programs widely-known to effectively help the state’s most vulnerable children and families.

We must do the hard work to adequately fund the programs necessary to build more socially equitable state and improve outcomes for all children and families. We have a responsibility to every child in our state to help break the cycles of poverty.

Board of Directors
Children’s Campaign Fund