Children's Campaign Fund

Children's Campaign Fund provides a non-partisan, collective voice and means for the people of Washington state to elect leaders who will put kids first, and to hold them accountable for supporting the whole child.

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Read the legal brief requesting the Washington State Supreme Court to consider how a freeze in funding or cutting social programs to fund McCleary would effect low-income children and families.

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Children's Campaign Fund makes a difference in lives of children by improving children's access to healthcare, reducing child hunger, supporting foster care and early childhood education and improving child safety.

Do you want to help improve lives of children in Washington?

  • Spread the word about us so Washington voters can amplify our political voice for kids.
  • Talk to your legislators about issues important to you and your family.
  • Write a letter to the editor or connect on social media to support a legislator's good work.
  • Contact us for volunteer opportunities directly supporting a CCF-endorsed candidate.